Mar. 1st, 2010

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Comcast has a way to screw their customers again.  they started rolling out "bandwidth caps" almost 2 years ago on their service, but continued and continues to advertise "unlimited" internet access.

Yet another way for them to take advantage of customers.  when we signed up for internet service, we bought it on the promise it was "unlimited" internet service.  We have yet to come close to the cap, but 250Gig is not unlimited.  there is apparently , currently no cap if you get business class service, but how long will that last?  there is NO difference in the cable modem, cabling, etc. between "consumer" and "business" class service, and when my partner was looking into "comcast business class" for the company she was working for, the sales person said that comcast did not guarantee 99%+ uptime on their business class service, unlike DSL, T1 etc providers.

we have come within 100 gig of the cap, which is closer than I would like to, and that was when I got myself a MS- Technet subscription and downloaded the media so I could install on my machines here at home.

just out of curiosity I called Comcast Cust support and got similar answers to other posters on the comcast support forums. totally off in left field about what constituted bandwidth usage.  I do find it amusing that since comcast digital voice (VOIP) is an "out of band" service it does not currently count towards your bandwidth cap (until they figure out how to stick it to customers that way I presume) but any other company VOIP does count since they aren't OOB services


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