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things are pretty busy in my universe(tm) currently. not just work stuff, but personal abuse(ummm... project) stuff.

I started messing with PC-Board design again, and I have a proto out to a fab currently waiting for it's return. I have designed a 'retro' memory expansion PCB for the Atari Indus GT disk drive.  I can't take 100% credit for it, i started with a gent in poland's schematic, and was feeling to lazy and perfectionist to make it a wire-wrap project... little did I know that the state of PCB design software has changed greatly in the last several years and also I discovered that I couldn't get it into a single-sided PCB in the size constraints I had on the board.

So, I learned KiCAD, a free, open source EDA/PCB design package (ok, I am in the process of learning it, but I have my first board off to fab :) )

naturally almost none of the free or non free software has older chips in their libraries so that is another part of the software I am learning, the component library tool..  once I polish up the libs I will be making them available to the KiCAD public at large.

and with my Bonus this year I bought a new camera to take pictures of the 11 yr old's Lacrosse games. a Canon digital Rebel Xs.  now I need to start looking at canon ef or ef-s auto stabalizing telephoto lenses as I only have the 35-55 lens that it came with.
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