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Anyone here in the seattle area know of a source of reasonably priced oscilloscopes?  It is starting to look like I am going to need to get one to do some drive diagnostics and alignment.  the amount people want on epay for tek 465's with dead channels is way too high, and the calibrated ones are way out of my budget.
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Hey, anyone know of anywhere here in the seattle area to get a pocketwatch cleaned and adjusted?  it seems to be running slow, it is a 1911 Elgin pocketwatch.  


ick :(

Dec. 27th, 2009 07:22 pm
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 ungh :(  i have the crud :(  spent yesterday and today in bed and running to and from the loo :(
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I participated in a beta program for a fairly well known virtualization software company. shortly after the beta ended, i get an email from someone at the company offering me a free key for the latest version of the virtualization software, and asking me for a quote or review of the software. I sent them a quote and wasn't sure what I could say in a review as I was NDA'd for the beta period.

it's been more than a month now and no answer to my emails, I can only assume that their offer was not in good faith. At this point, they might not like my review, as i was underwhelmed by their company's attitude toward beta-testers and the fact that they released their software with some serious flaws that could cause corruption of BootCamp partitions on mac computers.

their software is also incompatible with the #1 File System software for Macintosh computers and they do not seem in the least bit interested in fixing that issue, their support just tells those running that software to turn it off.
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-Sigh- if it weren't for bad luck.....

went to go to work today, and slipped on the front steps :( fell, landing on my butt/lower back and just above shoulders (against the steps)

I didn't go to work today :( worked from home and took hydrocodone for the pain. it makes it almost bearable.....

other than that things are going pretty well, I now have 2 Z-80 SBC's working that I built from pcb's :) Pictures are located here -}
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got my Phlew Shawt on phriday.. ugg.  I haven't reacted badly to one of those in a while.  I had an area about the size of a dollar bill swollen nost of the weekend (some swelling still) and had fever and chills on and off all weekend.  

I currently still feel as if someone worked up one side of me and down the other with a fish bat.
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was at whole foods and was looking at beers, amusingly enough one of the big selling points of HE'Brew is that it is kosher... I'd never paid attention
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On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the actor will sign $53.95 bottles of his quadruple-distilled vodka at Washington State Liquor Store #101 in SODO, the first Washington store to carry Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka.
Aykroyd, 57, is scheduled to sign bottles at the SODO store from 4 to 6 p.m. He'll visit the U-Village liquor store Sept. 30.
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I thought it would be fun to get a Z-80 SBC kit...

I can still solder, but...

I can tell I'm getting old, it looks like I'm going to have to get a magnifier :( some of the pads are just difficult to see :(


Aug. 12th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Wench is off for the week with halflock at a locksmith convention so I'm here watching the kids and generally working from home... i'm looking forward to her being back sunday, I don't sleep well by m'self... (or even if she isn't in the house, since she's upstairs every other night)
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Hey, we are looking for a person at my work, my team needs someone with the following skills:

Unix experience (Solaris on Sparc preferred but others will work if you are willing to learn the peculiarities of solaris)
good shell scripting abilities
good at environment maintenance
oracle DB experience (once again or willing to learn :) )
understanding of programming concepts (can pick up code and at least figure out what the programmer thought they were doing)
windows admin experience (not afraid to update windows apps on servers and run tools and applications from them, can do or willing to learn basic win admin skills if you don't have them currently)

other skills that would be useful :)
good documentation skills
C, C++, java or perl programming skills
Loadrunner experience (or willingness to learn Loadrunner)

- - - - -

My team is located in the Bothell, Wa area, and we are the performance test team for the consumer side of a large telecommunications company, the contract would most likely be contract to perm, if you are with an agency already that we deal with that would be great, if not, you would need to be willing to go through one of them.

the official position is performance test engineer, I am looking to replace someone we lost recently :(

comments are screened so you can reply to me without worrying about others getting your contact info.

resumes would be great to get! geoffr at zipcon dot net
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Hey, is there any of my fiends out there that have MS store privs? I need to try running some software under vista and discover what security changes I need to make to get it to work properly. I'll be doing this at home on one of my own systems, as trying to get an exception here at work for any serious phiddling of OS settings is an exercise in misery (the joys of working at the original evil empire, not the upstart MicroSoft.....
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what are people up to? since I've been hobbled up almost a year on a cane (with no signs of it going away soon) I need to try to dig up some bodies to move as much of my mothers things from her house in auburn to storage unit(s).

The losers she was renting from were not paying their morgage on the place with her rent like they told her they were, and it went into forclosure, they have told her to be out by may 1st, we are having no luck at finding a place for her that she can afford alone. (it doesn't help that they gave her less than a month notice either :( )

I will be getting 10x30 storage unit or close for as much of her stuff as we can stuff in.

packing help would be appreciated also. she has most if not all of her books packed, there's stuff of my younger brother and his boys that needs packed and disassembled.
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Oracle agrees to buy Sun Microsystems

it is a sad day for Sun geeks everywhere, I have dealt with oracle and sun on support issues and have found sun to be generally more responsive than oracle, and generally more smart about support issues.

dealing with what has happened to weblogic support (which wasn't the greatest) since oracle acquired them and transitioned their support over to oracle's systems (and in some cases, people) it has gotten worse.
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tune: "Volga Boatmen"

Happy Birthday! {thud!} Happy Birthday! {thud!}
1. Now you've aged another year
Now you know that Death is near
Happy Birthday! {thud!} Happy Birthday! {thud!}

1a. So you've aged another year
Now you know that Death is near

2. Children dying far and near
They say that cancer's caused by bheer

2a. Children dying everywhere
Women crying in despair

3. Death, destruction, and despair
People dying everywhere

3a. Doom and gloom and dark despair
People dying everywhere!

3b. Doom, destruction, and despair
Grief and sorrow fill the air

3c. Doom, destruction, and despair
People dying everywhere

3d. Death and gloom and black despair
People dying everywhere

3e. Pain destruction and despair
People dying everywhere

4. Typhoid, plague and polio
Coffins lined up in a row

5. Now that you're the age you are
Your demise cannot be far

5a. Now you are the age you are
Your demise cannot be far

5b. When you've reached the age you are
Your demise cannot be far

Other Common Verses:

6. Black Death has just struck your town
You yourself feel quite run-down

6a. Pestilence has struck your town
You yourself feel quite run-down

7. Birthdays come but once a year
Marking time as Death draws near

8. Long ago your hair turned grey
Now it's falling out, they say

8a. Soon your hair will all turn grey
Then fall out (or so they say)

The Viking/Barbarian Verses:

9. Burn the castle and storm the keep
Kill the women, but save the sheep

9a. Hear the women wail and weep
Kill them all, but spare the sheep

9b. May the women wail and weep
kill them all, but save the sheep

10. Burn, then rape by firelight
Add _romance_ to life tonight

11. Indigestion's what you get
From the enemies you 'et

12. May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake.

12a. May the cities in your wake
Burn like candles on your cake,

13. May the children in the street
Be your barbequeing meat

13a. We love children, yes we do
Baked or broiled or in a stew

14. May your deeds with sheep and yaks
Equal those with sword and axe

14a. May your deeds with sword and axe
Equal those with sheep and yaks

15. They stole your sword, your gold, your house
Took your sheep but not your spouse

16. This one lesson you must learn
First you pillage, then you burn

17. While you eat your birthday stew
We will loot the town for you,

The SCA Verses:

18. We brought linen, white as cloud
Now we'll sit and sew your shroud

19. You're a period cook, its true
Ask the beetles in the stew

20. Your servants steal, your wife's untrue
Your children plot to murder you

Other Verses:

21. Fear and gloom and darkness but
No one found out you-know-what

21a. Just be glad the friends you've got
Haven't found out you-know-what

22. I'm a leper, can't you see
Have a birthday kiss from me

23. It's your birthday never fear
You'll be dead this time next year

24. Now another year has passed
Don't look now they're gaining fast!

24a. So far Death you have bypassed
Don't look back, he's gaining fast

25. Now you've lived another year
Age to you is like stale beer

26. Now your jail-bait days are done
Let's go out and have some fun

27. See the wrinkles on your face
Like the pattern of fine lace

28. Were I sitting in your shoes
I'd go out and sing the blues

29. So you're 29 again
Don't tell lies to your good friend

29a. Tho you're turning 29
Age to you is like fine wine

30. You must marry very soon
Baby's due the next full moon

31. When you've reached this age you know
That the mind is first to go
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and it is.....

my 0x29th birthday (for you hexadecimal geeks out there, unless I'm miscalculating)

-> 41 Decimal 51 Octal 101001 binary.....
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subject says it all.
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Have a good one o brother of mine. [ profile] rocket_jockey


Nov. 5th, 2008 12:52 pm
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I'm nowhere near as flowery as some who post on passings. The world just lost a great author, Michael Crichton passed away from cancer. I remember being in 4th or 5th grade and reading Andromeda strain and doing a book report on it, the teacher was surprised that I was reading college level material....

-Raises a shot of patron , quaffs it and shatters the glass in the fireplace.
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