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Heard something this morning on my way to work that made me think a bit.

The folks on the Bob Rivers Show on KZOK 102.5FM this morning mentioned living near the gun range near Renton, and how noisy it must be.

I grew up in that area and even walked past the gun range to and from school for a while, and it was always fairly quiet and probably safer than having some company there spewing toxic chemicals. The Renton Fish and Game Club was always very careful about firearm safety, and even when they had skeet shoot meets there (shotgun competitions shooting at clay 'pigeons')it wasn't too terribly noisy outside the facility.

What it really made me think of was the sort of people out there who move INTO an area knowing about places like RFGC, or say the people who moved into the condo conversions in the Pioneer Square area because they like the atmosphere of the area or like the features in the area, but then start petitioning the city or county councils to get those facilities closed down (the people who live int he pioneer square area are really good at that, they have complained to the Seattle city council on a regular basis for years about the crowds and noise from the clubs down there. The SAME crowds and noise that were present when they moved in and thought it was handy to have the clubs so close in the first place.

These are the same sort of people who move into an area because of the "diversity" and then proceed to run out the lower income and "less desirable" elements in the area because it doesn't fit into their picture of their urban utopia. Then they have the gall to complain about how their neighborhoods just don't have the feel or diversity that were there when they moved in.

A good example of this would be the City of Sammamish. when they were first talking about incorporating, the big thing was that they just didn't want to be "another Redmond" and that they wanted to "Preserve the 'rural' and 'suburban' character of the area" so what are they doing? slowly but surely copying redmond and other cities that they didn't want to be like
when they first talked about incorporation and getting all "big Brothery" about peoples property and homes. and encouraging higher and high density development, wiping out the larger lots and chopping them into smaller chucks for developers.


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