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At least this has a happy ending (so far)

on Memorial day, Yahoo terminated BBWNorthwest and it's related groups for a "Terms of Service" (TOS) violation, the owner of the group found out as soon as he and his wife had gotten back from a family vacation, and he immediately replied to the email asking what the TOS violation was, and all he got back form the group that handle those things was a cut and paste of "your group violated TOS and was terminated" and to go look at the yahoo TOS. this went on for several days.

He finally managed to talk to a real person and the groups are back for now at least, but it speaks volumes about yahoo and their lack of customer service when they pull a yahoo-group or cluster of groups with over 12000 subscriber users, and then when approached by the owner of the group all they can do is parrot over and over that -something- on the group violated the TOS, they will not even tell which part of the TOS that was violated.

and I find it interesting that yahoo would claim that BBWnorthwest would be in violation of their TOS as Daniel keeps everyone reminded that the list needs to be "PG-13" so as not to have to be classified as an "adult" group and is great at enforcing it

here is the text of the message that Daniel, the owner of the BBWnorthwest mailing list sent to the list today when the group came back.

For those who got a "this group does not exist" message the last few
days when trying to access BBWNorthwest, we were mistakenly taken
offline by Yahoo for some alleged TOS violation.

After we got through to a real live person there (which ain't easy,
believe me!) they turned us back on.

Now let's see...where were we? :)

...sending lots of love to those members who sent emails of support!

BBW northwests homepage is at:
and the yahoo group is


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